Pretty, Minimalist, Modern Mezuzahs


The thing about mezuzahs is, you sort of only get one shot.  Unlike a menorah or a kiddush cup or a challah cover, it’s one piece of Judaica that never gets put away or retired for a season. You stick the thing up on your door, you gaze at it admiringly for a brief moment, and then you don’t really deal with the whole mezuzah situation again until you move out of your apartment or change homes or it’s time to clean your doorframes.

Which is approximately never.

Which brings me back to my original point: that you only get one shot.

Why is this on my mind, you ask? WELL. I just moved into my new apartment here at Lincoln Center (yay!!), and out of all the many zillion things on all of my many zillion to-do lists (order a living room rug, get new light bulbs, buy a fluffy bath mat…), you can probably guess which task has been most intimidating to me.

Because, yes, the fact of the matter is that a mezuzah is teeny. And no, most people won’t really notice it. But I will. Every time I enter or exit my apartment, I’ll get a little glimpse of it, and it’ll remain a steadfast reminder of who I am…a little token of my faith and heritage.

Naturally, I want to take my time to find just the right one(s).

I’ll end up purchasing three in the end—one for my bedroom, one for my living room, and one for my kitchen—but these 19 minimalist, modern mezuzahs are my finalists right now. Each has stolen my heart for a different reason, and if you take a peek through the links below, it’ll probably be easy to see why.

Which do you love most? Leave me a comment to let me know!


White + Floral Mezuzah / Pink Quartz Mezuzah / White Jade Stone Mezuzah / Gold-Plated Baroque Mezuzah / Light Pink Glazed Ceramic Mezuzah / Delicate Seven Species Mezuzah / Elegant Floral Filigree Mezuzah / Stunning Asymmetrical Mezuzah / Dainty Floral Lattice Mezuzah / Handmade White Stone Mezuzah / Brass “5” Mezuzah / Black and Gold Geometric Mezuzah / Modern Shin Mezuzah / Black and Gold Ornate Modern Mezuzah / White Geometric Mezuzah / Black Ceramic Mezuzah / White Ceramic Mezuzah (also comes with gold) / Turquoise Ceramic Mezuzah / and last but not least, a Kosher Scroll!