Pastrami Rye Crostini



Is so dang good.

Today I set out to make three crostini (crostinis?) based on classic deli orders. Why? Because it was a fun challenge, that’s why. And because my brother Jeremiah’s in town, and his favorite thing in the world is—you guessed it—pastrami. (Actually, he’s sort of partial to corned beef, but...I think of them somewhat interchangeably.)

(The corned beef evangelists are gonna come after me for that one, I just know it.)

There’s really no recipe here—it’s more of an “arrangement.” I cut several pieces of rye bread in half, added a half-dollop of Russian dressing, the thinnest little sliver of pastrami, and a cornichon (fancy tiny pickle, for the uninitiated), which I’d sliced in half and placed with the sliced half facing upwards. Just because I thought it looked prettier that way.

And that’s it. EASY! You could always brush the bread with olive oil, then toast or broil it quickly for that satisfying crostini crunch…but i actually preferred it this way, personally, just because it felt more reminiscent of the deli sandwich from which the whole idea was derived. Toasted bread on sandwiches is not for this gal, but if that’s what floats your boat…you do you.

And voila! That’s all there is to it. Go ahead and make these for Shabbat, for cocktail parties, but just about any old occasion during which you need to serve a few satisfying little bites—and if you do, and they’re a hit, lemme know!

If they are not a hit, feel free to keep that information to yourself.

And happy Monday! xo