Lox & Bagel Cream Cheese Crostini


Lox and Bagel Cream Cheese Crostini(s): Because serving your party guests a ginormous bagel on a plate would not be quite as practical.

Nor would it be very pretty.

But I didn’t just throw together these crostini because they’re the more portable, pragmatic option—though that helped their case. They TASTE different, too. Duh! They’re crunchy and thin and they leave you wanting more. A delicate, crispy bite.

…I guess this is why the guy who invented hors d'oeuvres invented hors d’oeuvres.

Oh! And what’s more, I learned today that crostini roughly translates to “little toasts” in Italian. Which only makes this whole cream-cheesy affair all the more adorable.

I’m in love.


I topped mine with fresh dill, but you can really go for just about anything that makes you happy: a few capers (my favorite things in the WORLD, by the way, but I didn’t have any on hand and wasn’t exactly willing to shell out an entire paycheck on ‘em), a sliver of red onion (or a half-spoonful of pretty pickled onions), fresh cracked pepper, a thin slice of cucumber…whatever you’re into.


But really, that’s all there is to it. Which is why, once again, there’s no recipe here—more of a quick list of ideas in order. You place your “vehicle” down (here, I used bagel chips, which are available in pretty much any supermarket, but you could also opt for thinly-sliced baguette slices or even quarter cuts of actual bagels, both of which I’d first brush with olive oil and toast, grill, or broil for a more satisfying crunch), then you add a scant dollop of cream cheese (with appetizers, less is always more!), the tiniest sliver of lox or smoked salmon, and your garnish of choice.

And that’s it. Enjoy and serve all over the place—at Shabbat, at a Yom Kippur break fast meal, wherever.

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