On my Wishlist: Delicate, Meaningful, Jewish Jewelry


I’m not totally sure when the teeny-tiny jewelry trend started, or by whom...but does it even matter? It’s so CHIC. And uncluttered and ethereal and generally clean-looking. Parisian, even.

I, for one, am a fan.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not looking to give up my giant, sparkly, over-the-top statement earrings anytime soon. You can pry those off my cold, dead ears, thank you very much. But I usually wear those in the evenings, on the weekends, or at fancier events. During the day, I find that it can be so much more practical (and, yes, beautiful!) to don something a liiittle more subtle. It’s also kind of nice not to have to worry about matching your outfit to your necklaces every single day. If your jewels are tiny enough, they’ll flatter any shape of shirt—v-neck, high necks, turtlenecks, whatever—which means you don’t really have to take them off. Ever!


The only tough thing about delicate jewelry is, it’s hard to find. I mean, literally, it’s hard to find in your jewelry box. And it also tends to tangle up in obnoxious ways that make you want to catapult yourself out the window.

But that’s just a risk I’m willing to take with these stunners.

So that brings us to The Point of today’s post (only 83 paragraphs deep today! *pats self on back*). Which is that recently I’ve been on the hunt for a super minimal, super subdued Judaica necklace (or two) (or seven) to fit right into the rest of my tiny jewelry collection. For a long time i’ve wanted to find a way to highlight my faith in a more public way—hence, you know, this entire blog—and I think that wearing a necklace or barely-there bracelet every day is another nice way of doing that. It’s lovely and it’s small and it’s meaningful. It’s not showy or flashy or obnoxious, but it’s still a sign of pride. And that matters to me.

Now, let’s be real: “Subtlety” isn’t exactly the word I’d use to describe most Judaica collections. But these under-the-radar brands totally smashed that stereotype in the best, best way. My search was actually pretty easy! And I’m so happy to share the treasures i found with you today.

99% of these are from Etsy, naturally—and i’ve tried to narrow my picks further to support women designers and Israeli brands. but if you have any suggestions for someone / something that should be on my list, let me know!

In the meantime, enjoy shopping and browsing! For yourself or your best friend or whomever.

I’m pretty sure any girl would gladly welcome one of these as a gift come December.


And of course, i’ll keep you posted on what I end up ordering!



a few favorite finds

…this gorgeous gold hebrew initials necklace
…this delicate filligree
hamsa ring
…this teeny-tiny
star of david necklace
…these hand-stamped oy vey
earrings (a favorite)
…this longer, slightly more dramatic
“y”-shaped star of david necklace
…this stunning
shema yisrael necklace
filled star necklace
…this simple
rose-gold hamsa necklace
…these pretty
olive leaf earrings (made in israel!)
…this practically microscopic
evil eye bracelet
…these hammered
gold star earrings
gold chai necklace
…these rather different
star hoop earrings
…this little
pomegranate necklace
…these swirly
star of david earrings
…these minimal
pomegranate posts
…this dainty
chai bracelet