Mother's Day Gift Ideas


today is my mama’s birthday, and mother’s day is in a little over a week, and it’s spring, and i’m just feeling particularly sappy today, and, well...the point is, you’re going to have to bear with me while i gush for a sec.

because on the topic of my mom--the greatest woman in the world--i can pretty much only speak in hyperbole.

she’s my best friend, my rock, my heart, my voice, my curls, my cheerleader. she challenges me and she dreams with me. she makes me laugh. she makes everyone laugh--family, friends, random people on the street. the starbucks guy...anyone who’s lucky enough to spend more than a moment with her. she knows more about skincare than most beauty bloggers. (don’t believe me? just ask her about the rheological properties of dimethicone.) (don’t worry, mom; i’ll never go near the stuff.) she knows sephora’s return policy by heart. she knows how to steam broccoli like nobody’s business.

she knows how to make everything okay in a minute.

in an instant.

just by picking up the phone.

and i honestly, really, truly don’t know how i would ever navigate this crazy world without her.

(thank you, mama. i love you.)


my mom’s birthday isn’t the only reason i’m thinking hard about the extraordinary person that she is today--honestly, that’s come to be more of a regular occurrence, especially as i get older, and she is, after all, the Greatest Woman in the World. it’s also just that motherhood has been on my mind a lot lately. in the past few years, i’ve watched so many people in my life become moms. girlfriends turned into cherished sisters turned into incredible parents, zero grandkids turned into two grandkids turned into four...and my family grew in a big way. (actually, my most recent angel of a baby niece mila was added to the lowin lot just over a month ago.)

watching the mother thing happen up close like that was inspiring and sometimes a little surreal. how do these people just know exactly what to do, and when to do it, and where to buy the STUFF, and how to stop the tears, and…

maternal instincts, yeah, yeah, sure. sometimes it feels a little more like magic.

so, here’s to the mamas--my own, the ones i’m blessed to know, and all the rest. now more than ever, i’m cherishing you all and holding you close.



…k now for a bunch of REALLY CUTE STUFF.

mother’s day gift ideas ✨