Harper's Bazaar Featured My Sister's DIY Wedding Invites!


before we get to the invites and pretty things, happy, happy mother’s day to all the mamas out there!

here on the blog, i’ve already gushed quite a bit about my amazing mama…but i can’t help but share one more post in her honor. i am, after all, constantly inspired by her and her unbelievable creativity. she’s a a now-retired broadway actress, an incredible artist and painter, and just a vibrant, wonderful, beautiful person who i am so blessed to have as a mother and a friend.

as if that’s not fabulous enough, recently, the gorgeous invites she designed and illustrated for my sister's 2017 wedding at our home in connecticut were featured by harper’s bazaar as one of their 40 favorites. you can check out the full gallery here, but i’ve rounded up a few extra photos of that invitation suite below because i’m so, so proud of her. you can see just how stunning her handiwork is/was: she drew and re-drew each of those gorgeous illustrations, hand-stamped every wax seal, and made the stunning menus and table numbers, too (and, you know, everything else). she sourced paper and ribbons and inks to make it all happen. even those vintage stamps—each and every one of ‘em—was picked and placed by her. how cool is that?!

she’s just the coolest. which is why my sister and i were both so proud and overjoyed to see her beautiful work recognized by harper’s bazaar.

you go, mama.

zooming out from invites and weddings and pretty fonts…the bigger picture here is that it was my mom who first taught me and all of my siblings that even the littlest details matter, that a handwritten anything can make someone's day, and that taking the time to make things beautiful is an incredible way of showing respect and care for other people. it’s why i grew up to do what i do. it’s why i write and paint and sing and bake and dream, and why i understand that even the littlest weekend project is very much worth it.

thanks, mama, for the lessons, the love, and all the beauty. we love you so much and we’re so proud of you. xo