The Easiest Passover Breakfast Idea for a Crowd


happy weekend, peeps!! just jumping on to share the breakfast board we made for passover this morning as my third installment in the #matzahchallenge series.

if you have no idea what i’m talking about, here’s a quick rundown (or you can take a look at posts #1 and #2 from the series!): my friends at UJA Federation NY enlisted me to take part in their second annual #matzahchallenge. basically, for every creative matzah picture (matzah toast! matzah cake! matzah cheese board!) posted to instagram with the hashtag #matzahchallenge, they'll immediately make an $18 donation to someone in need. it’s as simple as that.

so! i hope you'll join me in making the holiday even more meaningful this year by posting your own tagged matzah pics.


today’s post is a quick one because i’m here in connecticut with my whole family (nieces, nephews, 92348 siblings, the whole shebang) and don’t want to spend too much time away from the festivities! but i wanted to share a few quick photos from the light breakfast we had this morning before we (begrudgingly) headed off to the gym to work off the feast that was our first seder.

this board served the seven of us who came down for an early breakfast. the others (and there are SO MANY OTHERS!) came down a little later and had to fend for themselves.

but you could easily double or quadruple the size of this board to make it work for a larger crowd. it’s such a fun, easy take on the classic bagel-and-lox breakfast situation and is completely customizable.


i’ll leave you with that as i head back out to play with my adorable nephew in the half-rainy, half-sunny weather. chag sameach to all and here’s hoping you’re eating something delicious!

oh! and as always, if you’re inspired by my board and end up making one for your own family, definitely leave a comment and lemme know! :)