Jewish Housewarming Gift Ideas (Beyond Salt & Bread!)


i’ve always been a fan of the jewish interpretation of the traditional housewarming gift: a simple pairing of bread, salt, and sugar. each is said to symbolize a different wish for the homeowners: bread, so that they never experience hunger; salt, for a flavorful life; sugar, for sweetness.

whether or not you actually buy into all that symbolic stuff, you’ve got to admit that it’s a pretty sensible first gift. after all, if you’ve just moved into your home, odds are you’ll need those pantry staples, right?


anyway, all of this brings me to the point of today’s post, which is…*drumroll please* not-so-traditional-but-still-slightly-traditional housewarming gift guide. forget sensibility and pantry staples and actual hunger, folks, because i’ve upgraded the suggested gift pairing with a few salt-inspired, bread-inspired twists…all of which are light on the “bread and salt” part and heavy on the “inspired” part.

no offense to salt and bread.

i’ve rounded up some of my favorite ideas below, all of which appeal to me not only because of their theme-appropriateness, but also because they’re downright adorable in their own right, and about 100x more chic than that standard salt-sugar-bread trio.

(speaking of salt-sugar-bread, i feel like it’s only right for you to peruse the below selections while listening to this. that is, if you love broadway soundtracks and/or know what’s good for you.)

(tap dancing and general merriment optional.)